Did you asked Cortana in Microsoft Edge?

If you are like me, you like to read articles/contents online, preferably long readings. And, many times, you might come across phrases and words whose meaning you don't know or you can't recollect. The usual procedure was to open another tab and search for the meaning or we continue reading ignore it at all.

Back in 2011, I created an Internet Explorer Accelerator - Google Define with Preview, which helps to preview the selected words meaning without leaving your content and of course, very useful too. In 2013, Google shutdown their service and that put all the users in trouble. I quickly created another IE Accelerator - Oxford Dictionary Accelerator with Preview, which takes definition from Oxford Dictionary.

Today in 2015, Microsoft launched their new OS - Windows 10 with new browser - Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge comes with Cortana integration, which can do the same thing what my previous Accelerators does; among many other great features.

With Microsoft, you only need to select the word/phrase and selected Ask Cortana. That's all. All relevant information will be loaded, all without leaving the content.



Do it. I bet, you'll like it. Thanks.

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