Zoom bug in Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview

This is the first time, I’m installing a Windows Phone Developer Preview version. Rest of the time, I always wait until the final version is pushed OTA. This time I’m little hungry because of “Cortana”. The iconic stuff that made we to break the wait and install the dev preview.

Last week, surprising, I encountered an unusual bug in the dev preview (thrice, if I could remember) and I call it as “Zoom Bug”. Ya, entire screens got zoomed somehow – start screen, app screen, multi-tasking screen and even the lock screen. Take a look for yourselves. 

WP_000995   WP_000996

WP_000997   WP_000998

WP_000999   WP_001000

And, how did I zoom out of the device? I restarted the device! Smile



How to: Pause/Resume BackgroundTransferRequest or BackgroundTransferService in Windows Phone

Recently, I came across a requirement where I need to perform a background download; along with pause and resume support in Windows Phone 8. The first part is quite easy and straightforward. You can create a BackgroundTransferRequest and add it to the BackgroundTransferService. Done! The BackgroundTransferService class will take care of the background operations for you.

Now, coming to the pause-resume support. I think with current stock APIs for background operations, it's not possible to perform a pause-resume. Why it's so? Because few HTTP headers - If-Modified-Since, If-None-Match, If-Range, Range and Unless-Modified-Since are reserved for BackgroundTransferRequest. From these reserved headers, Range header can be used to download a resource partially by specifying the starting and ending bytes, something like Range: bytes=500-999.

Being said, you can implement a pause-resume or partial download using WebClient class and specifying HTTP Range header value. Unfortunately, this runs in foreground only. Means, while downloading a resource you "should" remain in the UI itself.

Hope this helps.


SMF Player not playing video in Windows Phone 7 device

Last week, I’s working on an almost ready Windows Phone project which streams video in SMF (Silverlight Media Framework) Player, for adding some additional features. After the feature integration, I tested it thoroughly in Emulator. To see the app behavior in a real device, I deployed the app on to my Windows Phone 7 device. Bang!!! Nothing is playing. When I try to load video, the player stays still - no audio, no video, not even any video/media related SMF Player events are fired at all. After spending hours of investigation, my colleague pointed out that I haven’t installed Smooth Streaming Client 2.0 on my developer machine.

Installed it, deployed the app to my device. And, Yup! The video starts playing Smile

Did you ever got stuck for hours for silly issues? Winking smile