How to fix green color while playing YouTube, Facebook or flash video

Ah, my god! That happened so quickly. Something thing I never experienced before and was really surprising when all the flash videos that I streamed started to turn green in my Windows 8 PC. Though I can hear the audio clearly, the video was playing in green color. I experienced this first when I went to YouTube. All the YouTube videos I streamed was playing in green color, like below:


IE being my default browser, I tried in Firefox. The fox even hauled the video in green. While Binging for a solution, I came across lot of articles and blog posts saying various reasons. Here goes the list of solutions:

1. Update flash player

2. Turn off hardware acceleration for flash, by right-clicking on the flash video –> general settings –> uncheck ‘enable hardware acceleration’. This works, if you are using non-IE browsers. However, if you are using IE, then your need to uncheck ‘use software rendering instead of GPU rendering’ from your Tools –> Internet Options –> Advanced (Tab) (screenshot below)

3. Update video driver to the latest version

4. Disable Hyper-V. I stuck at this point for some time because I installed Windows Phone SDK for development purpose some times back and yes, it requires Hyper-V

5. Uninstall Windows update KB2735855 and install the hot-fix KB2789397

6. Anti-virus (Nod32) problem

Thus goes the long long list. I updated my video driver to latest version. But, didn’t helped at all. What surprised me was, I can successfully play flash videos in Google Chrome (though I rarely use it), which confirmed that it’s not a video driver issue. I concluded that it could be a flash player issue.

But, shocking surprise was awaiting when I checked Adobe’s website for downloading the latest flash player. I can see only a long list of instructions, do’s and don’t do’s and some Windows update to install. But, never it showed any download link for the latest flash player :(

Half-heartedly, I unchecked ‘use software rendering instead of GPU rendering’ in IE and restarted the browser to fix the issue.


I said, half-heartedly because my PC has dual graphic card. So, I’s not ready to bring the rendering load onto my CPU while playing with the browser.

After hours and hours of searching, I managed to find the direct download link to the latest Adobe Flash Player. Installed it and yes, the flash videos are working as normal. Here goes the link for Adobe Flash Player 11 -, in case if you didn’t find the link.

Hope this helps.


Double quotes(“) coming instead of at-the-rate (@)

Moments before, I’s trying to link my Windows 8 user account with my Microsoft Account. Everything went smooth until I entered my Hotmail email address. To my surprise when I type-in my email address, a double-quotes (“) comes in place of at-the-rate (@). What? Are you serious?

Oh, ya! That’s because my default language preference was some how set to English (United Kingdom). I changed it to English (United States). That solved the problem.

You can change your language preference from Control Panel –> Clock, Language and Region –> Language. A screenshot below


Hoo! Thanks.