Logout from Microsoft/Yahoo/Google using WebAuthenticationBroker

WebAuthenticationBroker is one of the handy API that I use to implement login in app using common login services like Microsoft, Google and Yahoo. This ensures that you don’t need to worry about implementing your own login functionalities. So how do you logout from these services when the user logout from your app? It’s quite simple, you only needs to send logout request to respective services.

Here are the logout urls for Microsoft/Yahoo/Google.


and in your code:

WebAuthenticationBroker.AuthenticateAsync(WebAuthenticationOptions.SilentMode, new Uri(logout-url-here));

Hope this helps.

How I solved Windows 8 wi-fi connectivity issue in my laptop

Since the day, I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Professional, my laptop was having serious wi-fi connectivity issue. It connects very fast, but gets disconnect in any near minute. And, it’s miserable as you can imagine.

I contacted HP support team twice, thrice, frice (does such a term exists?) only to make things more and more worse. In every support chat, I’s wasting merely one hour to complete their formalities and usual troubleshooting tips. Yes, they provide good support and showed good patience though and treated every support request nicely.

Keeping that aside, my problem was not solved though the support assistants updated my network drivers. Finally, an old school trick solved the wi-fi connectivity problem. However, there is something that made me think for the old school trick.

If you are a laptop user then I’m sure that you might have noticed the annoying auto-brightness adjustment of your screen. That’s simply one of the power management technique of the laptop. Since, laptops are designed handy to carry from one place to another, saving every bit of battery power is very crucial. One such feature is auto-brightness adjustment. In the similar way, there are various other ways a laptop “tries” to save the battery power. Of course, it includes network related activities also. “THIS” made me to think!!! And, I finally solved the wi-fi connectivity issue. Here it goes:

Try any of the below methods or both.

1.   Open Device Manager –> expand Network Adapter –> right-click and select Properties of your wi-fi adapter –> select tab: Power Management and uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power


2.   From system-tray, click the battery meter/icon –> select More Power Options –>select Change plan settings of your current power plan –> select Change advanced power settings –> From Wireless Adapter Settings, set Maximum Performance for On battery and Plugged in mode.





Disconnect and connect again. That’s it Winking smile

Hope it helps.