Windows Mobile – No such interface supported

Last day, I’s so surprised to see that when I debug my Windows Mobile 6x project, I’m getting an exception as

“No such interface supported – Device connectivity component”

That was painful, because when I left office on evening I’s so happy that I only need to deploy the project for testing. But, I’s hit with this error message annoyingly. I tried resetting VS2008 settings and packages but didn’t helped either.

Finally, I came across solution that solved the pain. All you need to do is to re-register the dll: actxprxy.dll and restart your machine. Rebuild the project and there you are.

Windows Mobile – No such interface supported

Happy deploying.


Failed with 0x80070643 – Fatal Error during installation

That was a surprise, when the standalone installer threw an error" – “Failed with 0x80070643 – Fatal Error during installation”, while installing Visual Studio 2008 SP1 standalone ISO installer.

I preferred an ISO installer, due to internet connectivity reason.

Note: Before doing anything, take time to run Microsoft Visual Studio Patch removal tool. It will remove all the pre-releases and make your PC ready for an SP1 installation.

I got wired-up on the first install itself, on my Vista Ultimate machine. The installer threw an error, when it try to install ‘..NET Framework SP1’ , as “Failed with 0x80070643 – Fatal Error during installation”.


A thorough Binging made it clear that you can easily solve the issue by installing the web-installer version of VS2008 SP1. I finally paused at one blog post and took time to read the article. I must say, its beautifully explained. But, the scenario was entirely different from mine. However, as a last hope, I tried the solution mentioned in that post.

Charmingly! (as he said), it worked.


Run the VS 2008 SP1 installer from the command-prompt, by appending a ‘/log’ switch along with a target-location for the log file.


In the figure, I performed installation, by collecting the installation-logs into a sample-file 'sp1_log.txt' in E:\ drive. If you ask me, what I'd done with this log, I'll turn around and start walking away.

I don't know what's the miracle with ‘/log’ switch. Anyway, its working and I'm happy.

Please note , It takes some time to install the SP1 package, when installed using ‘/log’ switch. So, have patience. :)