Why Polymorphism - A Real Life Costume?


When I start this blog, there was a lot of technical thoughts in my mind, completely dedicated for Microsoft Technology. But, my tastes are mixed. In fact, I Love Everything I do. And one such craze leads to a short film : Polymorphism – A Real Life Costume.

An idea of short film bubbled, during a chit chat. Being serious, One friend took the Role of Producer, another friend Camera man, another friend Director and myself took the big risk of Role Play. And we named an Imaginary Production Company – 4TechWheels.

Storyline was adapted from adjacent side of IT life. To be honest, real life experience helped a lot.

2 Days effort, everything is Ready. Next is What? A Name for the film! An enthusiast suggested within a short while – “Polymorphism”. And next is caption. That was my contribution – “A Real Life Costume”.

Why Polymorphism – A Real Life Costume?

Polymorphism (pol·y·mor·phism, pòllee máwr fìzzÉ™m)  from Greek meaning “having multiple forms” is the characteristics of being able to assign a different meaning or usage to something in different contexts – specifically, to allow an entity to have more than one form.

We all plays different roles in Life, at different stages. Neither the peoples around us don’t know that we really are taking another form to adjust or to enjoy with the present situation. And this goes on endlessly, in our life. Hence the name Polymorphism. Since this is an Event happening on our daily life, “A Real Life Costume” was suggested.

Ironically, the naming and the caption was related with the Technical side. It happened silently.

The best part I love about this video is Editing and how Music is mixed perfectly. Some music are adapted from one of my favorite video game, Max Payne.

Thankfully, I’m surrounded with a bunch of energetic , technical and creative enthusiasts. And, this is our first attempt, which I like to call - Version 1.

Anyway, that was a big experience and lot of things are learned. We really had a lot of fun.

Wait…Wait…Wait…Few peoples asked, what’s the cost of production. Honestly,

Total Cost of Production = 0.00 $. Surprised!