Oxford Dictionary IE Accelerator with Preview

Yup! It’s true! Google has shutdown their Dictionary Service and no announcements have been made further. So, what’s next? Where you’ll go for authentic definition services?

Note: If you are still using accelerator Google Define with preview, then please install this service; since Google has shutdown their dictionary service and the accelerator won’t be functioning anymore!

Here we go - Oxford Dictionary Service. The same big and the pocket-size book which we usually referred when we were school going kids.

Yes, I had come up with my next IE Accelerator Service – Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary with Preview.

Install your Accelerator here:

    Preview Enabled
Add To Internet Explorer

Now, checking for definition is so easy:

  1. select the text
  2. click the accelerator button
  3. mouse-over Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary Accelerator and preview the definitions.


Don’t know what an accelerator is? Check here or here.

Cool…! Isn’t it?