Internet Explorer 9 Beta Review

It’s been 24 Hours after IE9 Beta starts “Beautifying The Web”. So far, no gossips have been heard; expect from some Anti-IE Groups.

Already enough reviews are flooding all around, so I’m not taking time to write a review. All I can say is:

She’s an Amazing Piece of An Art
Cute, Awesome, Ambitious, Soft and Sexy
Really, She’s gonna be - “The Beauty of The Web”

Download IE9 Beta and you’ll Love it. :)

IE 9 Beta direct download link


The wait is over. Internet Explorer 9 Beta is out.

All I can say is “Beautify Your Web” with the Most Ambitious Browser from Microsoft.


You can download the web-installer from here.

And yes, if you need the offline installer link for IE9 beta, then you can get it here.

Prior to installing IE 9 Beta, Have a look at the Pre-requisites for IE 9 Beta.

Trust Me, you’ll Love it.

Update: Don’t forget to read the nice detailed review from Ed Bott in ZDNet.

Note: IE 9 Beta (including final Release) can only be installed on Vista and Above. And the download link provided above is for Windows 7 only. I believe everyone have switched from Vista to Windows 7.

Have a Beautiful Browsing Experience.

IE8 Accelerator Google Define with Preview

Update: This version has been updated to include a scroll bar. You can find more details here.

Internet is a vast resource. Daily, I read a lot of articles from Internet. In between, I always came across difficult terms, either I never heard of or I never remember the exact meaning. As usual, I fire-up another Tab to search for the meaning of that particular term in Google Define service or in any free dictionary service. This is what I usually do.

But searching for a term always in a tab, always break the flow of reading an article. Guess what, search for a word 10+ time drops your interest in reading the article.

Internet Explorer 8 comes with a new feature called Accelerators. In short, Accelerators are keyboard-free, way of browsing Internet.

Will it be nice, if you’re able to look-up for the definition/meaning of a word; without firing another Tab or looping through the free online dictionaries?

That’s what Google Define Accelerator with Preview do for you.

All you’ve to do - Select the text and Select the Accelerator; you got your Definition.


One Click and you can Preview the Definition without leaving the Page.

 Preview Enabled
Add To Internet Explorer


Note: Firefox users can install this addon after installing the FF addon: IE8 Activities (Accelerators) for Firefox.