I’ve started reading again!

Did I told you? I bought a new Windows Phone 7.5. So, what's next? Time for some actions, Guys!

Yawn… I’m a self-learner and depend on e-books a lot to learn new stuffs. That’s how I update myself. Yes, I love reading books. Err… technical books only! Winking smile

The moment I had my first touch on the Mango device, I can’t stop myself from dreaming about apps!


To get started, I’ve started reading – Essential Windows Phone 7.5 Application Development with Silverlight.

I know there are tons of resources in the internet, MSDN, blah-blah-blah. But still I love books. Simply because, good book narrates everything like a beautiful story.

With respect to that, I’ll be posting few samples and excerpts from the book which I find interesting, so that other developers (beginners like me) can benefit from it. Wait! Original credit goes to the author himself.

Thanks and stay tuned!