VS2010–Invisible line in text editor

Last week, I jumped into a beautiful bug in Visual Studio 2010. I’s playing with WebAPI and all of a sudden I noticed that one of my line-of-code is invisible in the text editor.

What? Yes, That’s true! Take a look.


I binged for few minutes, but never came across any threads that discuss this invisible behavior. So, I hope that might because of the extension(s) that I’ve installed.

Hmm…Disabling each extension and identifying the root cause won’t help me because I’m so addicted to all the extension that I’ve installed, so far. Or else, yes you may call it as my laziness.

But now, I’m seriously thinking about an InPrivate mode in Visual Studio, similar to that of Internet Explorer (8+). So that I can easily load VS2010 without any extension and check whether this is a product bug or an extension bug.