Bing’s search suggestion now has Quick Preview

Just now, I found something surprising and interesting in Bing’s search suggestion - Quick Preview. This quick preview will give you some quick information within the search suggestion UI, so that you can move (using keyboard/mouse navigation) through the suggested search term to see "that" extra information, without actually going into the search results page. A quick screenshot is below:


If you move your selection to ‘iron man 3’, then you’ll get a preview like


Similarly, if you move the selection to ‘iron man 2’, then you’ll get a preview like


Well, this preview is not limited to movies alone. Here are some other search results



I think right now this feature is limited to United States. If you couldn’t get this quick preview then please do try changing your country/region to United States.

I'm a Bing use for past 4+ years.

Hope you like it.


- A

Bing search funny against Google Maps

You know, sometimes things are more interesting than we can always imagine. Last night, I searched for “google maps” using Bing (my default search provider).

To my surprise, Bing displayed the search result along with a funny warning at the top of the search result. It says – “Don’t get lost – get found with Bing maps.

See it for yourselves.