How I fixed Refresh Marketplace warning in Windows Phone 7.5

Pheewww!!! Finally, I solved it after 30 days and 5 hours.

Since the launch of Windows Phone 8 devices and announcement of the very final WP7.8 update, I’s so eagerly waiting for the update on my wp7.5 device - Samsung Omnia W device.

Every day I connect my wp7 device to my Zune and will check for the last wp7.8 update.

Surprisingly, one fine day when I opened Marketplace in my device, I’s greeted with a warning message saying you need to update your marketplace.


Death of an Eagerness

My eagerness for wp7.8 update made me believe that marketplace update is the first of few bits of update for wp7.8. Also, Marketplace only listed Refresh Marketplace app in both apps and games section, strengthening my belief that it’s a must-have update.

Following all the instructions, I installed the app in a minute. And rushed back to Marketplace to see what's the notable change made by the update; but only to see the previous warning saying “again” you need to update your Marketplace.

Ah! Again? Are you serious? Kidding me? Then what I’d just installed and done now? OMG!

In vain, I uninstalled, re-installed, rebooted, refreshed XBOX Live screen, charged with wall-charger with data connection turned ON. Nothings worked! Few minutes of bing’ing made me realized that I’m one among the very last unlucky who is standing in the very back of a queue, asking Microsoft community, pleading for a solution. I tried everything except resetting my device. Because, WP7 don’t have any backup mechanism for text messages. So, I’s not ready to lose my text messages.

First Impression

It’s hard for me to believe that Microsoft pushed such an unstable app that affected a mass of WP7 users, I said unstable because the app didn’t worked as expected and I’m not the only one who affected with it. Also, Microsoft is not a startup company which can be excused. At one point, I’s thinking what the developers in WP7 team had done to release a showstopper app for WP7 users.

The most funniest troubleshooting tip that suggested by WP7 team is to leave your phone 25 hours connected to your wall-charger with data connection turned ON. Grr! How can one suggest such a solution? How can they?

Embracing the Cause

I used my device like that for more than 3 weeks and slowly started to get frustrating. It was something that I cannot believe that a small update turned into a showstopper from accessing Marketplace.

Surprised, frustrated and shocked, I tried to dig deeper to know why marketplace is not getting updated. And here goes my findings:

  1. To save battery life, WP7 device turns off any active data connection or wi-fi, 5 minutes after device is locked.
  2. WP device connects to a Microsoft server to check for update. This is checked when your device reboots or on a 24-hour basis; provided you have an active data connection.

Connecting both 1 and 2, I’s able to understand why one of the troubleshooting tips suggested to charge your device for 25 hours with active data connection turned On.

Cause and Effect

After losing all the hope of making it working, I finally tried various combination of troubleshooting tips. Charmingly, it worked. And, I solved the refresh marketplace update warning issue. This is what I ‘d done.

  1. I connected my device through USB charger and left the phone for charging
  2. Turned-on wi-fi and connect my phone to wi-fi
  3. I started watching a movie

By the time, I finished watching movie, my device was 100% charged and has completed the marketplace update.

What I Suggest

Don’t be in a hurry and reset your device. Try connecting your device via wi-fi and leave it for charging. It’ll work. I tried various combinations to solve the issue and came across scenario which worked perfectly. Also, I have heard few of my friends mentioned their issue got fixed when they connected via wi-fi.

All I can say is, connect to wi-fi and have patience.

Hope this helped.