IE Accelerator - Google Define with Preview and Scroll

Listening to Feedbacks are always a good thing.

When I first build the IE Accelerator - Google Define with Preview, I had an excitement of a small child. Because, that was my very first IE add-on built, when I’s badly surrounded with Open-Source and Firefox fan boys.

Well, one of the problem with the previous release was - if there are more definitions, then we can only see the remaining definitions after selecting the text and scrolling through the search result. Simply, This lacks user-experience because to view the trailing results, user has to scroll though the results after selecting the text.

[Previous Version]


One of the missing inevitable feature was a scroll bar to scroll through the definitions listed.

Well that puzzle is solved in this version.

A scroll bar have been implemented which allows you to scroll through the definitions, for a better user experience. Also, I’ve set the font-family to Segoe UI, (one of my favorite clear-type font), which makes the search result more readable and appealing.

[Current Version]


If you are a new user, click down here to add this accelerator.

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All the existing users will be automatically updated to this feature silently.

Happy Defining.


  1. Accelerators by default won’t support scroll bar, so it won’t be having any mouse wheel support. You need to click on the up and down button of the scroll bar, to scroll through the search results.
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